Kayla's Cause is live!

We all get inspired by something, or many things for that matter. For those that know me, I enjoy doing for others - makes me happy. Some say I do too much or I am "too nice" - can someone really be too nice? But, I like to do things for others because it makes me feel as though I have given back in some way and have made an IMPACT (Todd Durkin) on someone or some group of people.

I watch videos of people doing amazing things everyday - honestly it what keeps me going and wanting to do more. I'll admit, I am an Ellen addict. The things she does for others just floors me. Now, I certainly don't have those types of resources, but that doesn't mean I can't try and help in some way or fashion. So, over the years I have done MANY athletic events to raise money for various charities. Marathons (5 of them), Century Bike Rides (3 of them), Mt. Washington Bike Climb (once - would love to do it again someday), and numerous road races and triathlons.

This year I am certainly putting my body and mind to the test, and have registered to compete in the Lake Placid Ironman this coming July. Now, I was just going to do this, as it is on my bucket list and honestly, I have had some health scares over the course of the past 2 years that have made me step it up a notch in my own fitness training. This was just the push I needed to work harder - or this race will really suck!

However, I can't do anything just for me, so I decided that I could use this platform to help raise funds for a certain cause. But I wasn't sure how I would choose. I actually was going to just take a poll on facebook and pick one. Instead, we had a very tragic loss happen in my hometown. A family that I know, unexpectedly lost their 18 month old daughter due to unknown circumstances. She was just taking a nap and was found unresponsive. Like that she was gone...how do you deal with that? I put myself in that families shoes and I can't even imagine how I would handle the loss of my child - brought me to tears.

So I decided that I wanted to use this event to help raise money in memory of Kayla Rose Caron - and use the donations in any way that the family wanted. I contacted the family and here we are! So, please take a moment to click HERE and learn more about Kayla, her family, what happened that tragic day in October of 2017 and to donate for a great cause!

Thank you,


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