What a weekend!!!!

Good Evening Everyone!,

After completing my first week of Ironman Pre-Training, I was SPENT! I kind of have a lot going on right now - and hoping the training is going to keep me focused and on track with everything. My body felt good - like I had certainly done something productive - and I haven't felt that in a looooong time!

So onto week 2 of training....will be honest, I was supposed to run 30 minutes today and it didn't happen. But I am ready to go early in the morning for that run, then will also get in my bike and lifting workout as well. Slight problem - I may have injured my left biceps tendon playing baseball with a bunch of 12 year olds on Friday (thinking I was back in little league), and it may put a little damper on the strength training. Thankfully I know how to modify anything that may cause pain - phew!

I also managed to turn 43 this weekend...I mean I turned 29....again....hahahaha!

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